How did WINVN compensate for faulty products for the customers?

The risks in transportation are hard to avoid, especially in international shipping that involves multiple stages and can take 1-2 months, or even up to 3 months, for our customers to receive their orders.

The risks in transportation are hard to avoid
The risks in transportation are hard to avoid

Our products are natural and chemical-free, which makes them susceptible to cracking under high-temperature conditions or potential damage to the packaging during transportation. In such cases, WINVN will take responsibility for these risks on behalf of the customers. We also hope that when our customers receive the goods, they could record an unboxing video. If there are any faults due to WINVN’s part, we will compensate you for the damaged items.

WINVN also apologizes to our customers for these risks, but we won’t let you bear the burden. We will replace any items that do not meet the quality standards or are damaged because we aim for a long-term business partnership and mutual growth.

Some of our customers prefer compensating for damaged products by adding them to the quantity of the next order, or we can adjust the total quantity of damaged items in the next invoice.

Please share your proposal with us, as we value a long-term partnership and mutual development. This is WINVN’s commitment to you.

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