Cat Scratcher

Highly durable thanks to high quality glue & advanced equipment (even for heavy players). Consistent quality (corrugated carton surface). New models developed upon request.









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Do you have any specific requirements for documentation regarding Catnip imports? Currently, Catnip production is not extensive in my country, so we can fulfill your request. Could you please inform me about the documentation requirements for imports and your country’s regulations?

The best price will be based on quantity you want to buy and your incoterm! So can I have your target price and the incoterm you use?

Could you please give me how many pieces samples do you need?

Yes We can! But It will be a little higher price! Besides, you also need to have the necessary import document.

3 different types of scratching cats with different wavy shapes. Each type will have a different shape.

It’s made of 100% paper, friendly with environment

41.5cm x 22cm x 3cm, 41cm x 21cm x 5cm, 41cm x 20.5cm x 5cm

Cat Scratcher Paper: 48239099

Our MOQ is 5000pcs but we will support you with any quantity you want. So you just need to tell us the quantity you want to order.

We have 5 available samples for you to check the quality. However, we can create samples according to any design you desire, incorporating various shapes. Please share your ideas with us, and we will develop and create customized samples based on your requests. This is one of our strengths.


Shape W: 248gr, Shape N: 276gr, Shape R: 250gr.


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