The best time to harvest loofah

At the beginning of the year from January to the end of May is the best time for us to buy loofah from farmers. Loofah grown for 6 – 9 months will be harvested, this is also our difference. , because there are many companies that only use luffa for 3 to 3 and a half months to shorten the harvest time. Therefore, our loofahs are more durable, have better quality and softer fibers, and will ensure that your pet is protected by the loofah when playing for a long time.

Joy every time farmers sell luffa and earn income, and they and their families are guaranteed jobs as well as create environmental protection through growing luffa for loofah fiber.

This is a picture of what we just bought from the farmer. The loofah will have many more steps before it can be made into a pet toy. We will share the steps with you in the next articles, the journey. How to make a pet product using loofah!

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