The biggest secret in our Coffee Wood Chew Toy

The coffee wood chew toy is one of the hottest products in the natural dog toy market. That’s why there are many manufacturers producing this product. However, what has made the difference in our coffee wood chew toy?

Coffee Wood Chew Toy of WINVN
Coffee Wood Chew Toy of WINVN

1. Quantity and consistency

As you know, the first important thing is the quality and consistency of the products, as they are all-natural. Therefore, managing the raw materials and categorizing the products by size is crucial. WINVN has abundant raw material supply and performs size classification right at the warehouse.

2. Moisture Control

Vietnam has a characteristic tropical monsoon climate, which means the air humidity is consistently relatively high. Therefore, it becomes easy for coffee wood to develop mold if the moisture is not well controlled, especially during the rainy season. This is a challenge that manufacturers must face and address properly, as our product, COFFEE WOOD CHEW, is entirely natural and free from added chemicals. To ensure proper moisture control, at WINVN, after the COFFEE WOOD CHEW products are made and reach the finishing stage, we have a humidity-controlled room where the products are conditioned for 48 to 72 hours, ensuring that the moisture level stays below 14%. When you receive WINVN’s COFFEE WOOD CHEW, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products.

3. Design labels with a very small quantity

You want to create your own labels with a very small quantity. Typically, suppliers would require you to make a large quantity to have custom labels. However, with WINVN, you can have custom labels and packaging according to your requirements with a very small quantity, even as few as 10 pieces. This is a definite advantage and will surely satisfy you when purchasing WINVN’s COFFEE WOOD CHEW.

You want to have your own custom labels, but you don’t have a design and cannot hire an external designer. Just send the content to WINVN, and we will create a custom label for you completely free of charge. You only need to have the idea, leave the rest to WINVN.

Design labels with a small quantity
Design labels with a small quantity

We love our COFFEE WOOD CHEW products dearly, so during the packaging process, we handle them with great care. They are always vacuum-sealed, accompanied by moisture absorbers and shock-absorbing foam to ensure they remain undamaged and maintain their quality.

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