We would like to express our gratitude and highly appreciate the trust of our buyers who have chosen to purchase our products. Therefore, our after-sales policy is built upon a commitment to protect our partners in the event of any risks, ensuring that buyers can have peace of mind when making purchases from us.

Our products undergo quality inspections before leaving the factory. However, in rare cases, there may be risks during long-distance transportation by sea that can cause our goods to be damaged, cracked, or have defects, which deviate from their original condition at the time of shipment. We are committed to protecting our buyers through our return policy in such circumstances.

1. Conditions for product returns and replacements

If the delivered products differ in quantity, information, or design from the original order.

If the products are damaged due to manufacturing defects, deviating from the manufacturer’s declared quality standards, or during the transportation process (such as deformation, stains, cracks, etc.).

2. Return conditions

When the goods are delivered to the buyer’s warehouse, the buyer records videos during the inspection process and provides evidence to us if the goods do not meet the quality standards specified in the order or if there are defective or missing items, etc.

We will verify the evidence and proceed with either returns or provide additional items if there is a shortage for the buyer.

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